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Better Healthcare Through Innovation

Our mission is to deliver simple solutions that blend seamlessly with daily life, regardless of where our users may be. We have a bouquet of apps that have been developed specifically for the healthcare ecosystem. By simplifying processes across the healthcare value chain, we provide efficiencies in time and money. We work hand in hand with healthcare professionals, identifying gaps and designing innovative solutions. medics solutions have been seamlessly integrated with the medics Hospital Management system.

Introducing Two New Healthcare Apps

Adding Value to both doctors and patients


Patients can just download and start using it efficiently within minutes


No unnecessary waiting in queues. Spend as little time as required inside the hospital


Enables contact-free handling of patients

medics doc

Connect With Your Patients Seamlessly

medics doc is a smartphone app that empowers you to deliver a fantastic experience to your patients, wherever they are, on any device, at no extra cost.
It enables doctors to easily carry out the following functions:

  • Manage your appointments
  • Offer video consultations
  • Share your notes with patients
  • Access patient medical records
  • Send prescriptions to patients

Download the medics doc app today!

medics care

Patients can now consult you from anywhere

medics care is a smartphone app that empowers your patients to connect to their healthcare provider easily and from wherever they are. They can now enjoy the convenience of consultations from home, doing away with long queues and crowded hospital waiting rooms.

  • Patients can easily carry out the following tasks:
  • Book an appointment
  • Video consultation with doctor
  • Pay bills online
  • Access their medical records
  • Get prescription refill notifications

Invite your patients to download the app today!