The app that enables contact-free handling of patients

What is medics care?

medics care is a simple, download and use smartphone app for your patients, available on all mobile platforms. They can use it to register themselves, book appointments, pay their bills, get their prescriptions and medical reports — without having to stand in line at any of the counters.

How will it help me and my patients?

This will help you maintain social distancing inside the hospital and prevent spread of any virus. It protects you and your staff as well as patients. It makes it easy for patients to approach hospitals without fear of contracting any virus.

Can a patient consult with a Doctor without having to visit the hospital?

Yes. medics care allows patients to schedule and pay for voice and video consultations with their doctors. This addresses the current concerns and constraints of patients in visiting a hospital

How much will it cost?

Your patients can download medics care for free. There will be small fee for every completed appointment and bill paid using the app.

Will it integrate with my Hospital system?

medics care can be used as a standalone app. On request, we can provide interfaces to your existing hospital management system.

How will a doctor use medics care? What kind of medical recordings can be done in medics care?

Doctors in a hospital or individual doctors will need to connect to the medics care portal to manage their appointments and record consultation notes in the built-in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. The EMR allows the doctor to record notes, prescriptions, required investigations and patient advice.

Will a patient have access to the prescriptions, reports and medical notes?

Yes. The complete medical summary of a consultation, including prescriptions will immediately become available on the medics care app. Investigations reports, if available, will also be accessible and downloadable using medics care.

How do I get my payments?

Payments made by patients on medics care goes through a leading online payment gateway. These are directly transferred into your bank account.

How do I start?

Just submit a request using the Contact Us form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible