The app that enables contact-free handling of patients

We are already using an IT software in our hospital. Will medics doc connect with my existing software?

Most Hospital IT softwares do not provide any mechanism to integrate with an external app. At this time, to use medics doc, you must subscribe to medics prime or medics easy. Transitioning to medics prime or medics easy is a simple process. Our expert solution team will help you all the way. Not only will you be able to use medics doc and medics care but also benefit from a wide variety of innovative capabilities that are provided by the medics platform.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are usually cumbersome to use and take too long to enter data into. Will medics doc require me to record my clinical observations, notes and prescriptions in its EMR?

While medics doc has an easy to use EMR, it also allows you to write your medical notes and prescriptions on your pad, take a picture and share it with the patient using medics doc. This will then be stored as part of the patient’s medical records and also be accessible to the patient. It makes it easy for patients to approach hospitals without fear of contracting any virus.

Will medics doc give me access to lab and radiology reports of the patient during my consultation?

medics doc will give you access to the complete medical record of the patient you are consulting with — all past reports and any current reports that may be recorded from the hospital’s lab and radiology departments.

How will patients pay for consultations?

Patients use the online payment mechanism in medics care. This money gets transferred to the registered bank account of the hospital. By default, all appointments require payment to be made.

Our hospital allows free consultations post surgery. Will medics doc allow free consultations?

As part of the sign up process, the free visit policy will be configured in the medics platform. medics care will then allow free consultations as per the stated policy.

Will the information I share be secure?

medics doc uses the latest technologies to protect your data. They will only be accessible to the patient and other doctors in your hospital who consult with the patient.

I am an independent medical practitioner. Can I use medics doc?

Yes. We will sign you up on the medics platform following a simple process that we will help you with. You can then ask your patients to download medics care. From that point on, you can use medics doc to stay connected with your patients.

As an independent practitioner, how will payments for consultations come to me?

When we sign you up, we will register your bank details in our payment system. This will allow us to transfer online payments received from patients using medics care. No appointment will be confirmed unless payment is received.