About us

Ubq Technologies

medics is a product of Ubq Technologies. Ubq was formed in 2006 with a mission to build solutions that humanises technology, something that is often ignored while building sophisticated solutions for customers. We reinforce the thinking that software solutions can continue to be simple even though they are advanced in the capabilities that they deliver.

The medics Leadership Team

Amitava, CEO and Chief Architect

Anjan Basu, Director & COO

Sampath, Product Architect

Girish, Development Manager

Prashanth, Pre-Sales & Key Account Manager

This is the medics Leadership Team. We have built medics over the past 10 years from scratch. We have a good balance of Healthcare domain and Technology experts. With the core members of the team having more than two decades of experience in this domain, we have built a solution that challenges the traditional thinking behind Hospital Management Systems and built something that is fresh and innovative.

Simplicity is at the core of our thinking. We constantly challenge ourselves to bring out solutions that are so intuitive that will make you wonder why others didn’t think about it before.

Customers are our biggest asset. Seeing a smile on the customers’ face is what makes our day, everyday. Their input is vital to the success of building our innovative solution. Hence, we listen.

We love to create a free and open environment at work. Giving independence of thought to every team member is something that we passionately believe in. This brings out the best in everyone.